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JoiBiz Press Releases

04/25/13 JoiBiz Business Connect is fully Integrated with eAgent. JoiBiz Business Connect™ together with eAgent is designed to make your insurance agency more efficient and productive.

02/16/12 THE ‘JOI’ OF BEING THE BEST…YET AGAIN! JoiBiz Named Internet Telephony Product of the Year for Third Straight Time

12/23/11 BRING ‘JOI’ TO ANY PHONE! JoiBiz Announces Compatibility Testing Results

12/15/11 THE ‘JOI’ OF ON-NET PRIVATE PBX! JoiBiz Announces New JoiBiz Service That Combines the Best of PBX Services

03/03/11 JoiBiz awarded 2010 Internet Telephony Product of the Year award

09/13/10 JoiBiz launch a new website

08/31/10 THE ‘JOI’ OF WORKING FROM ANYWHERE! JoiBiz Announces iPhone and Android App for JoiBiz

08/10/10 JoiBiz: Business VoIP service designed to bring JOY

04/29/10 JoiBiz Now Offers POTS Lines in Two States

04/16/10 JoiBiz Celebrates Industry Award With Customer Savings

02/17/10 JoiBiz LLC Receives INTERNET TELEPHONY® Product of the Year Award

02/10/10 Marketing Services Firm Boosts Productivity with JoiBiz Hosted PBX(Full article)

02/03/10 California Law Firm Finds Cost Savings with JoiBiz Business Phone ServicE(Full article)

01/29/10JoiBiz Intros Teleconferencing Service (Full article)

01/18/10 JoiBiz Intros JoiBiz DSL (Full article)

12/08/09Health Clinic Nets $10,000 in Savings with JoiBiz's Business Phone ServicE (Full article)

11/30/09 JoiBiz launches Business Phone Service Resource Center on TMCneT (Full article)

11/30/09 Business Phone Service Offers Cost Savings: Interview (full article)

11/25/09 Hawk Communications Marks 10 Years with New Business Direction (full Article)

11/25/09 JoiBiz new Web site is Launched. (Full article)

10/12/09 JoiBiz launched JoiBiz PBX with unlimited lines, unlimited extensions $49.95/mo (full article)