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Combining JoiBiz Teleconference & JoiBiz Meet allows you to reach participants globally, without the cost of travel. Designed for ease of use, JoiBiz Meet overcomes many of the common challenges faced by other web conferencing applications on the market such as high-price to entry, compromised network security, large client downloads, and unreliability resulting in a frustrated IT department and less than satisfactory business results. Improve your meetings today!

JoiBiz meetings is used by corporate customers and education institutions around the world.

  • Unlimited Participants, unlimited meeting rooms, webinar features included.
  • Cross-Platform: Participant or host, use any flash-enabled computer (Linux, Windows, Unix, Mac)
  • Simple: No installation needed—client runs in web browser.
  • JoiBiz Meet features included:
    • Send invite to participants directly from the web meeting.
    • Moderator have full control of participant including, allowing or blocking participant from using whiteboard & chat, and ability to kick off participants.
    • Easily upload presentation files including Power Point, PDF, Excel, Word and Images. Files can be stored on the server allowing them to be reused by moderator or shared with other moderators.
    • Questions & Answers and poll precipitants.
    • Record Meeting- Allowing you to record a webinar, and then replay the meeting or webinar.
    • Chat - Enable or Disable chat within the meeting.
    • Share Desktop - Share your desktop (PC Screen)
  • Integrated with JoiBiz Teleconference: Participants can hear the audio of the conference without being next to a computer, simply by dialing the JoiBiz teleconference number.