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JoiBiz Business Class Data Services


JoiBiz Managed Data Services

JoiBiz has a full range of reliable, fully managed services that are tailored to your business' s specific needs. This includes JoiBiz Profile Service (Active Directory) and JoiBiz VPN

  • JoiBiz Profile Service
    JoiBiz Profile Service providers your company expert management of your biggest potential security risk - your users & policies. (READ MORE)
  • JoiBiz Total Secure Email Service

    JoiBiz Total Secure Email Service is a private secure service with advance Virus & Spam blocking
    and HIPAA approved secure emails via JoiBiz Email Vault.
    NEW: HIPAA compliant Secure Email from Outlook, iPhone, Android or any other email client.

  • JoiBiz Business Backup
    Business risks are inherent in almost every venture, but there’s no reason to risk losing your data. We offer the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable business backup solution available for laptops, desktops and servers. (READ MORE)
  • JoiBiz Internet Filter
    JoiBiz Internet Filter is a sophisticated web traffic filter designed to meet the control, security and communications needs of today's businesses. JoiBiz Internet Filter enforces advanced and flexible access-control and acceptable use policies. (READ MORE)
  • JoiBiz VPN Cloud
    JoiBiz VPN Cloud provides cost effective ways to securely connect remote sites to your centrally hosted applications and resources. Whether you’re a small organization with only a few remote sites, or a large organization with lots of distributed sites, we can design a solution that’s perfect for you. (READ MORE)
  • Dedicated Server and Co-Location:
    Collocation and Dedicated Server is a very popular option for clients who want full choice and control over the hardware and software they use, but don't want the expense of maintaining a 24/7 connected secure building with redundant power and air conditioning infrastructure. (READ MORE)

    JoiBiz Co-location are available from 1U rack space, to 100ft private cages.

  • JoiBiz Web Hosting:
    JoiBiz provides Enterprise Hosting Services with state-of-the-art Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions that can easily scale to grow with your business.

    JoiBiz addresses the complete technology stack – servers, network, storage, hardware, devices, and applications – so IT decision makers can easily select the services that best complement unique hosting requirements. JoiBiz’s expert staff works closely with you to build a reliable and secure technology infrastructure. (READ MORE)

  • JoiBiz Enterprise Chat:
    JoiBiz Enterprise Chat is a chat and instant messaging service, which allows users to send encrypted instant messages, have private conversations, and create and participate in private or public chat rooms and discussions. Users communicate with the chat server using either a web browser, or a client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Windows7. Users can send instant messages to groups of users, receive email copies of their instant messages or new discussion group articles, and they can send and receive instant messaging from email addresses and mobile phones. (READ MORE)