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JoiBiz Connect


The JoiBiz Connect App is designed to make your company more efficient and productive. It is designed to help arrange your day, set up your client meetings, and it will send you and everyone you decide reminders to Outlook, cell phone, SMS and or e-mail.  The JoiBiz Connect App will enable you to provide your clients better customer service. With JoiBiz you can have your employees around the office & home all work together to insure every call is answered in the most efficient way possible.

The JoiBiz Connect App phone package will enable your firm to do more, with less employees.

The JoiBiz Connect App main elements:
Customer Pop-up: Client information pops up on the screen on incoming calls. Information including contact information, notes and previus calls/emails are displayed on the screen.

JoiBiz Contact
Shared client contact data: All client data can be accessed via PC or Smart Phone.
Shared Calendar: Calendar of all employees can be viewed from anywhere via PC or Smart Phone.
Shared Files: Files can be shared and accessed from anywhere using PC or Smart Phone.
Click-To-Dial: Click on the client name to dial.
Click-to-email: Click on client email address to send email, or send email to group of clients with a click of the mouse. Receive all emails directly in JoiBiz Contact from anywhere using PC or Smart Phone.
Schedule Conferences or meetings: Schedule meetings or conferences. JoiBiz Contact will send reminders to the employee and the client via email or SMS (text message).
Google Maps plug-in: Addresses can automatically be opened in Google Maps with automatic navigation for iPhone or Android smart phones.
Lead Management: Upload leads and assign them to specific employees to call and email until a lead becomes a client.

Only $99.95/mo
No per user fee

No commitments or obligations