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The JoiBiz is fully Integrated with eAgent. JoiBiz Business Connect™ together with eAgent is
designed to make your insurance agency more efficient and productive.

The JoiBiz eAgent App main elements:
Customer Pop-up: Client information pops up on the screen on incoming calls.
See existing policies, documents, To-Do and xDates.
Customer History: Every call from the client and every email is logged.
You can see history of every interaction with the client.
Agency Dashboard: See which agents logged into the Dashboard.
See every call waiting, and every call being answered
Agents Status: See agent status Paused, Logged off, Do-Not-Disturb, Out for lunch etc.
Manage agents: Add, remove or pause agents.
Agent Monitor: Listen or whisper (coach) to agents.


JoiBiz eAgent

To Integrate eAgent with JoiBiz Business Connect™ please ( Click Here)