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JoiBiz Business Class Data Service

JoiBiz Business Class Data Services

JoiBiz delivers broadband service tailored for small and mid-sized businesses. JoiBiz provides a variety of data services including: business ethernet, wireless, bonded T1 and DSL. The JoiBiz broadband solution balances competitive pricing with the performance, features, and growth room that your business needs

JoiBiz Ethernet:
JoiBiz Ethernet delivers dedicated bandwidth - up to 1GB - to your business, providing consistent, reliable performance and throughput any time. Flexible bandwidth options allow for scalability and easy upgrades. The dedicated connection quickly transfers large data and multimedia files, while the plug-and-play Ethernet connection simplifies setup and reduces the cost of equipment setup and operation.

JoiBiz Wireless:
JoiBiz Wireless offers the most flexible, scalable and cost effective enterprise level Internet access solutions. When your business demands high capacity, mission-critical bandwidth, the JoiBiz Wireless solution delivers unlike any conventional DS3 or fiber service. JoiBiz Wireless can be installed quickly and provides outstanding value.
JoiBiz 5MB/5MB Service starts at $699/mo

T1 and Bonded T1:
JoiBiz Full T1 gives full 1.54MB upload & 1.54MB download speed. With JoiBiz Bonded T1, get speeds up to 6.0 Mbps. Unlike other providers, all JoiBiz T1 include proactive monitoring and managed router to lower total cost of ownership.
JoiBiz Dedicated 1.54MB/1.54MB T1 starts at $295

JoiBiz DSL:
Reliable Business class DSL Internet service
Up-to 6MB Download / 768Kbps Upload speed
Always on connections
Available in 34 states (Also available in Canada, speed varies)
Starts at $49.95/mo