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Our Clients love our products, and many of them are proud to share their thoughts:


Case Studies




In our customers words::
  “Ever since getting the JoiBiz service, it’s been a tremendous boost to our telecommunications.”

“Our overall satisfaction is higher with JoiBiz than our prior provider, and after you get your system fully configured, you won't even think about it any longer.  It just works.”

“We went with JoiBiz because of the pricing model (they don’t charge by “seat," or number of lines, like all of the other VOIP companies) and the huge number of features that the PBX system had to offer.”

“With the JoiBiz system, everything is integrated — recording, the ability to transfer calls between different states, and the ability to park calls between different states. All of these things are the features we had to add in to our old phone system, but are included in the JoiBiz system.”

““The ability to customize the system for how we need it to work for us, and the ease of use for our employees and customers, has been great!

"JoiBiz is simply AMAZING!"